when in rome

dj sezy + when in rome – deep house/broken beat ……. 10.24.04


1. Afra Behn – Viben – (cdr)
2. Dinji Brown feat Vinia Mojica – Lesser Things (R2)
3.Dj Rels (madlib) – Broken Soul (Stones Throw/Goya)
4. Ikon – Do you Dream (Jalepeno)
5. Fertile Ground – Another Day (Counterpoint)
6. Solar System feat. Kendra – Carless Butterfly (Sonar Kollektiv 3)
7. Jneiro Jarel – Get Down [LP Three Piece Puzzle] (Rush Hour/Kindered Spirit)
8. DKD – We Can Make It (Bitasweet / 2000 Black)
9. Quentin Harris feat Cordell McClary – Travelling (Space Kat)
10. Quentin Harris – The Episodes (Shelter)
11. Jazzanova feat. Nicola Kramer, Clara Hill, & Georg Levin – Let Your Heart Be Free (Sonar Kollektiv)
12. Metro Area – Nerves (Environ)
13. Kajagoogoo – Too Shy

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