the state of things

dj sezy + the state of things – hip hop mix ……. 12.04.03


1. Erkyah Badu – Bump It
2. J. Boogie – Try Me (OM)
3. Low Budget Soul – Fills My Heart (Abstract Blue)
4. Little Brother – The Way You Do It (ABB)
5. Strange Fruit – Ooh Wee (Black Son)
6. Oman Jamari -Soul & Rhyme (Electric Monkey? White)
7. Madonna – Justify My Love [hip hop mix] (Counter Point)
8. Madlib – BeatMix (unreleased CDR)
9. Dwele – ANGEL
10. Incognito – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head [venom’z ghetto soul mix] (Dome)
11. Ozomatli – Cut Chemist Suite (Almo)
12. Reel People – Steppin’ (Papa)
13. Blaze (feat. Amira) – I Think Of You (Slip n Slide)
14. Kim Hill – Summer Time In Aspen [spinna rmx] (Up Above)
15. Nas – Life We Chose [mf doom] (white)
16. Jean Grey – Fadeout (Third Earth)


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